Rote Learning

Last week I visited several schools in rural Thiruvallur. Recent rains had filled the landscape with greens of all shades. In this beautiful rural setting was this school that we are supporting. I went and sat in the 4th std class that our Asha teacher was teaching. It was Tamil period and she had finishedContinue reading “Rote Learning”

What Ails Education in Tamilnadu?

For a number of years Tamilnadu was held up as a model state for socio-economic development. Basic governmental functions work well in Tamilnadu. eg. Medical care through a network of public health centres (PHCs) and hospitals. Urbanisation and economic development. Functioning of the Public Distribution System (PDS) or ration shops. Establishment of network of schoolsContinue reading “What Ails Education in Tamilnadu?”

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